At about 47 square miles, Jersey is 87 miles south of the UK and is considered the Southern most of the British Islands. It is also just less than 14 miles from France. The Bailiwick of Jersey also includes two groups of smaller islands, the Minquiers and Écréhous.

With its unspoiled landscapes, blend of British and French influences, winding lanes, castles, ancient military forts, German WWII fortifications and a breathtaking coast, Jersey is an amazing destination for production companies looking for a unique shooting opportunity.

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency, though for the purposes of filming it should be noted that Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom regardless of the fact that is part of the British Isles. While not a member of the European Union, a special relationship is in place for the purposes of trade.

Jersey has its own political and constitutional independence which means that its laws on filming may not be the same as the United Kingdom. Permits would be required from local Government and should be secured well in advance of production.